Maureen Mcgovern – Morning After chords

capo #1  


A EThere is got to be a morning after
F#m C#mif we can hold on through the night.
E F#mWe have a chance to find the sunshine
D G ELets keep on lookin for the light.
A EOh cant you see the morning after?
F#m C#mIts waiting right outside the storm.
E F#mWhy dont we cross the bridge together
D G EAnd find a place that is safe and warm
C G Its not too late .. we should giving
C GOnly with love can we climb ...
Eb Bb Its not too late …. not while we are living
Eb FLets put our hands out in time.
Bb FThere is got to be a morning after.
Gm DWe are moving closer to the shore.
F GmI know we will be there by tomorrow
Eb and we will escape the darkness
F Bb We wont be searchin any more.
Bb Bbsus2 F There is got to be a morning after (repeat….)
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