Mavericks - What A Crying Shame tab version 2

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Tabbed by John Shaw (

Intro G D C e|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|X4D|------------------------|A|------5-7-5---3-2-3-5---|E|-3-3/7----------------3-|
1st Verse G D C G D C Wasn't I good to you, Didn't I show it G D C G D C And if I ever hurt you, I didn't know it G D C G D C If you think I don't care, Then you're mistaken G D C G D C My love was always there, But now my heart's breakin' CHORUS: G D C G (Oh) baby oh what a crying shame D C G To let it all slip away D C G And call it yesterday G D C G Oh baby my life would be so blue D C G My heart would break in two D C G Oh what a crying shame 2nd Verse G D C G D C 'Cause I believed in you From the beginning G D C G D C I thought our love was true But now it's all ending CHORUS
BREAK (12 String) A C A C D Ge|---------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------|A|--0000222/40-3333555/73-0000222/40-320-532---|E|--------------------------------------3---3--|
CHORUS (Intro on top of...) D C G Oh what a crying shame (Repeat....)
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