Max Bemis – Former Punisher Gone Rogue chords


This is my first time doing this, so sorryif it's not right. But this way sounds decent. 
am not advanced enough to tab a couple parts (there's a little diddy before the 2nd 
and a sick solo after the 2nd chorus) so hopefully someone can figure that out soon.

Standard tuning (I think)

Verse: Am, C

Once I was there, a lovely commotion
You danced with my flesh, as a sickening garb.
My lips were your lips, my songs were worth saving,
saving your sole, drove off in your car.
But now you're too cool, You found a new boy toy,
A healthy young man, with a sweater and scarf.
Trained tragically with his jedi powers,
while i trudge behind in a dark lonely march.

AmCome on, come on
CWhy don't you love my like
Ghow you loved me
Fwhen we were young?
Am, CI trusted you, Spent every moment
Defending your life, from the mobs of naive. But I was the fool, to fork over fondly My will to exist, because you're that cool.
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