Max Q – Monday Night By Satellite chords

Song:   Monday Night by Satellite (1989).
Artist: Max Q.
Album:  Max Q (1989).
Tempo:  Moderato.
Time:   4/4
Tabbed: rikigo
URL's:; http://
Tuning: Standard.
Method: Double-strum pattern.

Em              === 022000
Am              === X02210
Am7 === X02010Em# (part) === XXX121212 (Lead)
Intro: " | Staccato Drums (Em*) | Acoustic Guitar (Glissando) ' " | Stoccato Drums | Em Am-Am7-Am | (Em#) Vibraphone, Keyboard, Drum & Bass Riff with Strum | Em Am-Am7-Am | (Em#) Verse 1:
Em Am-Am7-AmYou stained my chair,
Em Am-Am7-AmI stained your dress.
Em Am-Am7-AmPeople think we're brats,
Am Am-Am7-Am (Em#)But I think we're pretty smart.
Chorus 1:
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)Monday night by satellite,
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)I'm walking through your dreams.
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)Life's so strange when we're together,
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em#)But I feel like we're twins.
Instrumental: | Em Am-Am7-Am | (Em#) | Em Am-Am7-Am | (Em#) Verse 2:
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)Oh the will,
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)To carry on.
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)The time is short,
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)But I have the time.
Chorus 2:
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)If I were to spend my whole life over,
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)I'd spend it with you.
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)Monday night by satellite.
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)I love you.
Chorus 3:
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)Monday night,
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)Monday night.
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)Monday night,
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)By satellite.
Em Am-Am7-Am (Em*)…Yeah!
Instrumental: | Em Am-Am7-Am | (Em#) | Em Am-Am7-Am | (Em#) Coda: | Em Am-Am7-Am | (Em#) | Em Am-Am7-Am | (Solo Over) | Em Am-Am7-Am | " | Em Am-Am7-Am | " [Fade] (End) Notes. 1. "Ollie had been writing songs his band won't play or can't so we recorded two. A few months later I was sitting around and I was really bored. I thought 'these songs sounded good, maybe we should do some more.' I rang Ollie and he flew up and we wrote the rest of the album in a week. Neither of us were great guitarists or keyboard players but I sort of learned the guitar while we were writing this, so it was a really fundamental way of writing, using a few little cassette players. You couldn't show off", says Hutchence."
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