Max Webster - Paradise Skies tab

Paradise Skies - Max Webster
Tabbed by: Adam Yake
Tuning: EADGBE

E|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|--/ 10~v~~~~~ 10h11p10-----8 \ 6 / 8--10-----------------------|G|------------------------------------------7 \ 5-v------5 v-----|D|---------------------------------------------------5h7---------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
E|--1-----------------{------------------------------------------}-| RB|--1--------------5--{------6------6---6-6-----6-----6h8p6----6-}-| EG|--2--------------5--{------7------7---7-7-----5-----5___-----5-}-| P D|--3--------------5--{------8------8---8-8-----7-----7___-----7-}-| EA|--3--------------3--{-----------------------5----5-----------5-}-| AE|--------------------{-/8-(ring)-8------------------------------}-| T
Just the intro and first few bars of the song. Still working on the rest and hope to have it posted soon. (Soon, as in maybe one day before my three year old leaves for college - it's hard finding time) These are the recognized parts of the song, and probably the parts people are most interested in hearing. The difficult part is holding the C (E8) with your ring finger and sustain it while picking the Bm chord (pinky= D,8 middle= G,7 index=B,6) Tablature Notation h - hammer on p - pull off b - bend string up r - release bend / - slide up \ - slide down v - vibrato (or ~) t - right hand tap x - play 'note' with heavy muting
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