Maximo Park - Postcard Of A Painting tab

pretty certain this be the intro, the tempo is quite annoying but practice makes perfick!!

e---4---------4------4------2----|b----5----------5------5-----3---|g--------------------------------|d-4------44-4------6------4------| play this 2 timesa--------------------------------| before the vocals starte--------------------------------|
verse is the same for lead guitar, play 4 times, we are currently working on the chorus, godawful twinkly bit, which is rather hard to tab, but the second verse goes like this;
e---4--5p4----2-----------------|b----5----5----3----------------|g-------------------------------| play 4 timesd-4---------4-------------------|a-------------------------------|e-------------------------------|
3rd verse after the keyboard bit goes the same as the second verse, we are working on 'keyboard bit' thanks we r pretty sure the bits we did are right
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