Maximo Park - Signal And Sign tab

Maximo Park - Signal and Sign tab by Reid Wason (

Riff A: This is the introduction

Riff B: This is the verse for the first two lines. Play this twice.
Riff C: This is the second part of the verse riff
Riff D: Play this bit just before the chorus, when the singer says "I hope you feel cheated at home with all your lies lies lies lies lies".
Riff D2: On the last (fourth, I think) time play this:
Riff E: On the chorus...there's a picking pattern around these, but these are the chords it's based around. The picking might be the same as the original, but I can't pick that well so I don't know. Note that the word is said with the chord BEFORE this riff, on the overhanging bar of riff D2.
Illumination... let ring|----------------|------------------||----------------|------------------||-4--7-----7-----|-4--7-9-----------||-4--7--5--7-----|-4--7-9-----------||-2--5--5--5-----|-2--5-7-----------||-------3--------|------------------|
You don't play the last chord, E5, on the last time of Riff E. At the end of the song, you play that chord twice. Have fun, and if anyone can get the picking for the chorus let me know!
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