Maxwell - This Womans Work tab version 1

its pretty simple to learn
this is the song from love and basketball

e|--------|--------|--------|--------| b|--------|-----0--|-1-0----|-------0| g|-----2--|---0---0|-----2-0|-----0--| x3 d|---3---3|-0------|--------|---2----| a|-3------|--------|--------|-3------| e|--------|--------|--------|--------|
fm cmaj fm cmaj fm e|--------|-----------|----------------|------------------| b|-0------|-----0-----|----------------|------------------| g|---0----|---0-------|----------------|------------------| d|-----2--|-2---------|----------------|------------------| a|-------3|-----------|----------------|------------------| e|--------|-----------|----------------|------------------|
ill have more on this song l8tr
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