Mayday Parade – Id Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About tab ver. 2

"I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song is About" (Solo)
by Mayday Parade

With moderate distortion and reverb.

|-3-||-3-| |--3-||--3----------------------------------------------|e|--------------------------|------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------|------------------------------------------|G|-------------------7h9h11-|------------------------------------------|D|-------5h7h9-7h9h10-------|------------------------------------------|A|--5h7h9-------------------|------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------|------------------------------------------|
e|--------------------------------------10--10h12/15p12---15-14~-14//|B|---------------------------------10h12---------------15------------|G|------------------------9h12-9h12-------12-------------------------|D|---------------9h12-9h12-------------------------------------------|A|------10--10h12----------------------------------------------------|E|-10h12--12---------------------------------------------------------| ..................
<------------------Light Delay In Enclosed Section---------------------|e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-20p17p15-17h20p17p15------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------16p14p12-------------12~-12//-------------------|D|-----------------------------14p12--12h14----------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------15---------------------------------|<----------------------------------------------------------------------|
e|-------15-17b18-(18)(18)(18)-(18)r17-15~-|--------------------------|B|-15-17-----------------------------------|--------------------------|G|-14--------------------------------------|--------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------|--------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------|--------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|--------------------------| (And then we both...)
| |-3-| = Triplets (in this case, "Sweet Picking") || ~ = Vibrato || p = Pull-Off || h = Hammer-On || b = Bend || (#) = Pick String While Note Remains Bent to # || r = Release Bend || / = Slide || // = Slide Down Towards Neck || ... = Light Palm Mute ||--------------------------------------------------|
Each barred off (|) section indicates where I stopped to memorize everything before that prior to moving to the next section. I left them because I would suggest you do the =). I attempted to give an indication of the timing of notes by the spacing between them, in the 5th section, it was difficult; listen carefully and you'll notice there is a small between the first two pull-off sections (on the B string). Other than in section 5, is rather straightforward if you listen to the song while learning how to play it. Tips For Good Tone In This Solo: -Make sure you're playing with your fingertips, not the sides of your fingers or with fingers flat on the neck. If you play with the sides for your finger/with your fingers it will be difficult to get the vibratos, bending will tear up your calluses, and it slow you down as well as mute strings you don't want muted, especially in sections 1 & 5. -Keep your thumb pressed up against the back of the neck under your middle finger (or as to there as possible). This creates a "vice grip", making it much easier to nail the and to execute hammer-on's and pull-off's. -In section 5, sustain all notes as long as possible (which isn't very long at all, but is a noticeable difference if notes are not sustained enough). This especially applies the E15; let that ring out until you get to the G12's. You can do this most easily by the E15 with your pinky, the D12 with your index finger, and the D14 with your ring letting the E15 ring out as you play the other two notes. -During the faster parts (especially sections 1 and 5), get the timing and notes down before you focus on speed. Pick the notes individually at about 1/4 speed a few times speeding up to 1/2 the speed, and then to full speed. Trust me, this makes section 5 easier to play, and not quite as overwhelming as it sounds like it will be =). -Don't pick too heavily. Pick lighter and nearer to the neck of the guitar than you normally. If you pick too hard, you won't get a good tone, and (while you would think your would sustain more) on most guitars the notes will actually sustain less. -Remember that vibratos don't involve any bending. Simply press down on the fret hard, rock your finger back and forth. Bending instead of vibrato may sound good at first, it actually sounds sloppy; use real vibratos in this solo. -Don't get frustrated. It's difficult, and will most likely take a few hours for the guitar player to play up-to-speed, let alone memorize. Listen to the parts you're having with on a loop so that you can get it in your head before attempting to play it. Hope you've enjoyed the solo! I'm pretty confident this is 99% (if not 100%) correct... all the same, any corrections/suggestions, please feel free to comment =).
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