Mayday Parade - Terrible Things tab version 3

------------------------CAPO ON 1ST FRET------------------------

---------------or tune your guitar 1 half-step up---------------

(how to do so? instead of holding down the 5th fret on all strings except the
2nd string, which is for 4th fret, and loosening/tightening the screws, hold
down the 4th fret of each string and start tuning, again for the 2nd string,
use 3th fret, so you can change from EADGBE to FBbD#G#CF)

----credits to Steven ( the chords----

--------------just play along with the song so you--------------|-----------know how long you're gonna play each part XD---------|
-----don't feel down if you can't do it good at first, blame----|----------------the band for being too awesome XD..-------------|
INTRO/VERSE/POST-CHORUS (lead-tabs, rhythm-chords) C Am FE|----0-----0-----0-----0--|---0-----0-----0-----0--|---1-0---1-0---1-0---1-0-|B|--1---3-1---3-1---3-1---3|-1---3-1---3-1---3-1---3|-1-----1-----1-----1-----|G|-------------------------|------------------------|-------------------------|D|-------------------------|------------------------|-------------------------|A|--3----------------------|-0----------------------|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|------------------------|-1-----------------------|
~ ~ ~ GE|----0-------------------0-|B|--1---3-0-1-3-----0-1-3---|G|--------------0-2---------|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--3-----------------------| ~
CHORUS F G Am C F GE|----0---|-------|-------|-------|------------|-------------|B|--1---3-|-0-1-3-|-0-1-3-|-1-0---|--------0-1-|-0-----0-1-3-|(this is theG|--------|-------|-------|-----2-|-----0-2----|---0-2-------|ending part;D|--------|-------|-------|-------|-2-3--------|-------------|back to introA|--------|-------|-0-----|-3-----|------------|-------------|after G)E|--1-----|-3-----|-------|-------|-1----------|-3-----------| ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
---------------pretty much you just let each----------------|-------------bass string ring as you pluck them-------------|
--------from these parts, i can't really figure out---------|------------------the lead, sorry about that----------------|------use power chords on these parts (near the end)--------|
C5 (let it ring) She said boy can I tell you a terrible thing? A5 (let it ring) ďIt seems that Iím sick and Iíve only got weeks. F5 (let it ring) Please donít be sad now, I really believe, G5 (let it ring) you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me.Ē C5 A5 F5 G5 Slow, so slow, I fell to the ground on my knees. C5 So donít fall in love thereís just too much to lose A5 if youíre given the choice, Iím begging you choose F5 to walk away, walk away, donít let it get you, G5 I canít bare to see the same happen to you. F5 G5 A5 C5 F5 G5 Now son, Iím only telling you this because life can do terrible things. please don't forget to rate it, rating my works help me improve more :D i won't get mad at you for rating me 1-starred, but just please rate XD.. suggestions? comments? drop by my account here at UG.. peace ^^v mayday parade ftw!!
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