Mayday Parade - Without The Bitter The Sweet Isnt As Sweet chords

I know that the "Dsus2," "Cadd9," and "Asus2" aren't the real names of the chords. I 
play F differently

Dsus2 Cadd9 Asus2 F Am C Ge|-----0--------------0--------------0-----------0---------0-----0----3-------------|B|-----3--------------1--------------0-----------1---------1-----1----0-------------|G|-----2--------------0--------------2-----------2---------2-----0----0-------------|D|-----0--------------0--------------2-----------3---------2-----2----0-------------|A|-----0--------------2--------------0-----------3---------0-----3----2-------------|E|-----X--------------X--------------0-----------X---------0-----X----3-------------|
Am C F F X2___________________________
Verse1: Am C F
Am We used to be something surreal. Others looked to us for what we built.
Am C F We were ending to the point, the point in which we fell.
Am C F We fell by the wayside, and slowly watched ourselves die a lonely death in
Am C Dsus2 no one cared and no one came. When the walls cave in, we only have ourselves
Fto blame.
___________________________ Chorus1:
Am G FAnd even if it's dark at least we'll be together
Am G Fslowly sinking in the earth to lay forever.
Am G FYou better grab a hold and hold on for your life
G G~because you don't get lucky twice.
___________________________ Verse2:
Am C F Am Now even if it's perfect, I can't get carried away
Am C F and motivate my tongue in twisted ways.
Am C FIt felt like a good night for dancing and the moonlight
Am C Dsus2in empty streets. Well, everybody's got a reason why.
Dsus2 FIf we could only just get it right...
___________________________ Chorus2:
Am G FMaybe it will all work out like in the movies,
Am G Fbut I know Romeo must die before the ending
Am G Fwith a final poison kiss delivered gently...
C Cadd9 C~Because you don't get lucky twice and that's the truth.
___________________________ Instrumental: C C Cadd9 C~ Am Am Asus2 Am~
F~ F~ F~ F~___________________________
C CSing to me sweet just like my memory.
Cadd9 Am If New York City still moves me,
F then I found something real.
C CI'll be okay; I could go on for days,
Cadd9 Am Fbut I just don't have the courage that it takes to be real.
___________________________ Chorus1: C C Cadd9 C Am G C C
Cadd9 CAnd even if it's dark, at least we'll be together
Am G C C
Cadd9 Cslowly sinking in the earth to lay forever.
Am G C C
Cadd9 CYou better grab a hold and hold on for your life
Fbecause you don't get lucky twice.
G C C Cadd9 C~No, you don't get lucky twice...
___________________________ Instrumental/Ending: C C Cadd9 C~ Am Am Asus2 Am~ F F F F~~~ -End
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