Mayhem – Voice Of A Tortured Skull tab

                         Mayhem - Voice of a Tortured Skull
                         Voice of Tortured Skull

Transcribed by Black Metaller (

Tuning: C

~=hold note out

Begins w/feedback

Riff A (this is the same for both bass and guitar)|-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-----3~------3~------2~-----2~-||-------------------------------||-1~------1~------0~-----0~-----|
Riff B (slight variation on Riff A)|-------------------------------||-------------------------------||-------------------------------||----3~----3^----2~----2~-------||-------------------------------||-1~----1~----0~----0~----------|
Riff A x2 Riff B x2 Riff A x2 Riff B x2 Riff A is played for the rest of the song until all the feedback and vocals come in at the end There's all sorts of feedback and random notes throughtout the whole song
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