Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - Just A Shock tab

Well when I saw the laughable version already on the site I decided to sit down and try
figure it out myself. It's surprisingly easy but there's one tricky part that I hope
explained fully.


So that tricky part? It's hard to explain. There may be a term for this but I don't knowit is. I consider it a (don't laugh) 2 string sweep. The notes from the 5th fret of thestring to the open on the E are struck in quick succession but not strummed. Play around it a bit it'll come to you.e|------0-3p0-------0-3p0-------0-3p0--5p0-0-3p0-0----|B|-0h3h5-----5-0h3h5-----5-0h3h5-----5----------------|G|----------------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------|
Rinse and repeat.
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