Mazarin - Another One Goes By tab

Another One Goes By
We're Already There (i and ear records, 2005)

This is a song by the Philidelphia group, Mazarin.  They will retire the name January 1, 2007.

Eb  Gm  Fm  Bb
Eb  Gm  Fm  Bb

kissing your skin
	 Gm		  Fm	     Bb
your skeleton splinters my daydreams
Eb			Gm	       Fm	B  Bb
under this other street everything sings
shadows slide across the wall
i walk outside and
		  Fm			B  Bb
i try to see you right in front of me
Eb				Gm
a silhouette is something sweet
		Fm	Bb
it's so bright

i don't know what to offer you
Dm		    Cm		F
i'm only broke and lonely
Bb		     Dm
and another one goes
		  Cm	Cm  F
and another one goes by

sometimes when i step outside
Dm			  Cm		Cm  F
i see you standing right in front of me
Bb		     Dm
and another one goes
Dm		Cm	F
and another one goes by


note: letters a, b, c and d represent frets 10, 11, 12 and 13
respectively.  I did this to help keep the rhythm.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + Eb Eb Gm Gm Fm Fm Bb Bb Bbe-------------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------3---1---1-1-//5-3-1-------------------|D---1---1-1-3-5---5---5-5-5/6---------------------5---3---3-6--5--3-|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Eb Eb Gm Gm Fm Fm B B Bb Bbe-------------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------6-6-6-9--9--9-|G-------------------3-----3-5b7---7---5-5-5-5--8--8---7-7-7-a--a--a-|D-----1-1-1-3-/5--5----5--------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Eb Eb Gm Gm Fm Fm B B Bb Bbe------------d--a-----------a---------a-----d--a--------------------|B---b--d--b--------d--b--d------b--d-----b--------d---b--b--b--9--9-|G--c--c--c-c---c--c--c-c---c---c--c--c--c-c---c-c-----c--c--c--a--a-|D-------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Eb Eb Gm Gm Fm Fm Bbe-------------d--a-----------a--------------------------------------|B----b--d--b--------d--d--d-----b--d--d--d--b--b--b-b--a--9---9-9---|G-a/c--c--c--c--c--c-c---c-c---c--c--c--c--c-c----c-c--b--a---a-a---|D-------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Bb i don't know what to offer you Dm Cm F i'm only broke and lonely Bb Dm and another one goes Cm Cm F and another one goes by Bb sometimes when i walk outside Dm Cm Cm F i see it right in front of me it's so bright Bb Dm and another one goes Cm Cm F and another one goes and another goes by
Eb Eb Gm Gm Fm Fm Bbe-------------d--a-----------a--------a--d--a-----------------------|B----b--d--b--------d--b--d-----b--d-----------d--b--b--d--b--9--9--|G-a/c--c--c-c---c-c---c-c---c--c--c--c--c--c--c--c--c-c---c-c---a-a-|D-------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
[fade out]
Eb Eb Gm Gm Fm Fm Bb Bb Bbe-------------d--a-----------a---------------------------------------|B----b--d--b--------d--b--d-b---d--b--9--9--9--9--9----b--b--b--9--9-|G-a/c--c--c-c---c-c---c-c-----c---c-c---a-a---a-a---a/c--c-c---a-a---|D--------------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------|
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