Mazzy Star – Five String Serenade tab

Very Simple song, but very cool none the less. It consists
of four basic chords plucked out.

Pluck the chords for the verse thusly

G A5 C e|-------------|---------|-------------|b|-------------|---------|--------1----|g|---------0---|-----2---|-----0-----0-|D|-------0---0-|---2---2-|---2---2-----|A|-----2-------|-0-------|-3-----------|E|-0h3---------|---------|-------------|
First three lines of Chorus
C De|------------------|----------2-------|b|---------1--------|-----3------3---0-|g|-----0------0---0-|---2---2------2---|D|---2---2------2---|-0----------------|A|-3----------------|------------------|E|------------------|------------------|
Last line of Chorus
C De|------------------|---------2h3p2--------------2h3p2-----|b|----------1-------|-----3----------3-------3---------3-0-|g|-----0------0---0-|---2---2----------2---2---2-----------|D|---2---2------2---|-0------------------0-----------------|A|-3----------------|--------------------------------------|E|------------------|--------------------------------------|
Then back to verse Song order is: Verse Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse End Verse: G A5 C This is my five string serenade G A5 C Beneath the water I (we) play (verse 4) G A5 C And while (though) I'm playing for you (Verse 4) G A5 C It could (might) be raining there too (Verse 3+4) Chorus: C D And on my easel I drew C D While I was thinking of you C D And on the roof of my head C D In came my five string serenade End: G C G(strum) This is my five string serenade
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