Mazzy Star – Into Dust chords

D D C Em7

/* Verse */
D D (play two D instrumental)
C Em7 D DStill falling
C Em7 D DBreathless and on again
C Em7 D DInside today
C Em7 D DBeside me today
C Em7 D DAround and broken in two
C 'till your eyes shed
Em7 DInto Dust
D CLike two strangers
Em7 DTurning Into Dust
C Em7 D'till my hand shook with the way of fear
/* Brige */ D Dsus2/F Dsus2 D5 /* Instrumental */ D C Em7 (the first D is played during the bridge) /* Verse */ D D
C Em7 D D I could possibly fading
C Em7 D D Or have something more to gain
C Em7 D I could feel myself growing colder
C Em7 D DI could feel myself under your fate
C Em7 Gm/E D <- Variant! Under your Fate
/* Verse */ D D
C Em7 D D It was you breathless and tall
C Em7 D D I could feel my eyes turning Into Dust
C Em7 D D And two strangers turning Into Dust
C Em7 D D Turning Into Dust
/* Verse Chords */
D D C Em7E||--2--|--2--|--0--|--0--|B||--3--|--3--|--1--|--3--|G||--2--|--2--|--0--|--0--|D||--0--|--0--|--2--|--0--|A||-----|-----|--3--|--2--|E||-----|-----|-----|-----|
/* Bridge Chord */
Dsus2/F Dsus2 D5E||---0---|---0---|---0---|B||---3---|---3---|---3---|G||---2---|---2---|---2---|D||---3---|---2---|---0---|A||-------|-------|-------|E||-------|-------|-------|
/* Variant */
Gm/E E||---0---|B||---3---|G||---0---|D||---0---|A||---1---|E||-------|
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