Mazzy Star – Roseblood tab

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 h  = hammer-on
 p  = pull-off
 b  = bend
 r  = bend release
 /  = slide up/down
<5> = natural harmonic
[5] = artifical harmonic
 ~  = vibrato
 tr = trill

Mazzy Star - Roseblood, tabbed by Professor Galapogos (

chord progression throughout the song - B,Ebm,A,Dbm

off course it's much easier when you see how the chords are arranged

B Ebm A DbmE|-7---6---5---4--------|B|-7---7---5---5--------| (with alot of distortion)G|-8---8---6---6--------|D|-9---8---7---6--------|A|-9---6---7---4--------|E|-7---6---5---4--------|
the riff at 2:04 into the song goes like this-
and repeats again not sure about the crazy riffs at the end; I think you can just improvise. this is my first tab so comments welcome as always at
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