Mc Chris - Blastic chords

So There were no chords for this and i know its not perfect but it sounds almost 
perfect with it.lo. listen to the song to determine the timing.

By Mc Chris

Dm AmThanks to my rhyme inventin, i've ascended the heavens
did i fail to mention got more ice than march of penguins i'm rich, i make the poor people cry and i bet it all black be'cause it can't be denied i'm in debt but we'll worry about that later let me show you crib, the pool, the elevator ben grim is my trainer, ben sherman is my tailor diamond encrusted inhaler just in case i get the vapors like mead i'm makin paper but i aint spiral bound as in downward, aint a coward when i'm schoolin these clowns leave'm foolish and droolin like they come down with the downs swan diving like i'm scrooge into a pool full of pounds
Dm Am black plastic know you gotta have it
E Am blaze in the back, my motorcade stops traffic black plastic debts gettin drastic don't care, don't dare me to blast kid repeat you've seen the heliport now let's go check out my rides this is a lamborgini porsche it's a one of kind it's like the batmobile with a mcdonald inside sit in the comfort of your car inhale a burger and fries as for clothes, man you know, i be pimpin the coats dolce and gabbana, prada, yeah i guess that's dope but yo i bought vatican, man i cold own the pope make him lock and pop with my a pope remote ben and jerry's in the kitchen and i mean the two guys they're makin me a crazy mc sundae surprise i feed it to my dogs 'cause i'm watchin my size then i tell them hippies bolt 'cause i'm fuckin tonight yeah i got a harem welcome to the virgin zone snuck'm out of muslim heaven like i'm indiana jones like the himalayan hulk you may think i'm alone but i got a bag a bitches and they're beggin to bone
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