Mc Mong – I Love U Oh Thank U chords

(This is my first tab)
Here's the intro to I Love U Oh Thank U by Mc Mong.
All the other tabs were crap so I decided to make my own.
Listen to the song for the timing. Enjoy :)

Standard Tuning

C G Am F C G C G Am F G Dm C all the way through the song until you get to the last chorus. Then they all go up
half a step (or capo 1) to: Db Ab Bbm Gb Db Ab Db Ab Bbm Gb Ab Ebm Db Pre Chorus: Am C F G x2 C Am F G x2 Song Progression: Intro Verse 1 Pre Chorus Chorus 1 Verse 2 Pre Chorus Chorus 2 Chorus 3 (Up half a step/capo 1) Have Fun :)
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