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Mccartney Paul – Junk tab ver. 2


Junk by Paul McCartney

After not being able to find tab for this, I asked my dad (who knows a lot
of older songs) if he could play this.  He showed me and I transcribed it.
No garantees that this is perfect, so listen to the recording and pick out
the details.  Also, spacing DOES NOT indicate timing.  The notes are 
mostly accurate but I may have inadvertently added/missed notes.  
If there are any huge mistakes let me know.

There are only two basic riffs.  Paul puts in slight variations here and
there through out the various repeats.

Riff 1:

F#m C#7 A D Dmaj7|-----------------------------------2---2----2--4-5-7--2-------5--|--2-3--2--------2---------2--3--2------3----2-----------2---2----|-------------4-----4------2------------2----2---------2---2------|----------------------3---------------------0--------------------|---------2---4------------0--------------------------------------|--2--------------------------------------------------------------
Riff 2
D7sus4 A E * A|--3-------3----------------------------0--||----1---1----3p2-------0--2--3---2--3-----||--2---2------2---2-----1--1--1---2--2--2--||--0----------------2------2--2---2--2-----||-------------0---------2---------------0--||------------------------------------------|
After repeating riff 2, go back to riff 1 after playing to the star. That's about all there is to it. As always, feedback (good/bad/comment/suggestion/etc.) is appreciated. OK, while I'm at it: "The Lovely Linda" and "That Would Be Something" are both just 2 chords. F and Bb The intro for "That Would Be Something" is something like this (this is simplified and a close guest at best, ie - don't expect too much :)
-- --Mike fmrtst1@smtp.geisinger.edu
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