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From: (Martin Szojak)

        Put it there (McCartney);


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G D Give me your hand I'd like to shake it G D I want to show you I'm your friend. G D You'll understand if I can make it clear G D its all that matters in the end. Bm A G Put it there if it weighs a ton, D A G that's what the father said to his younger son. Bm A G I don't care if it weighs a ton, D A G as long as you and I are here, put it there. D A D Long as you and I are here, put it there. G D If there's a fight I'd like to fix it, G D I hate to see things go so wrong. G D The darkest night and all it's mixed emotions, G D is getting lighter sing a song. Put it ther, ... -- ****************************************** * * Martin Szojak* * * Vienna University of Economics and * * * * * Business Administration * * * * * * Augasse 2-6, A-1090 Vienna, Austria * * ********** * ****************************************** * * * * * * Ther are no kanguruhs in Austria !!! * * *
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