Mcfly – Saturday Night tab

Listen to song for timing

Intro: Eb, C, Eb, C, Eb, C, Eb, C, Eb, C, Eb, F

G       C
With my parents out of town
We got every girl in school
And if its going to your head
I got all my buddies round
in the deep end of the pool
get behing the garden shed
said we're gonna have a party tonight
if you wanna take a dip bring your trunks
its where everybody goes to get laid
and if you're daddys got the truck
    when we start to dim the lights
 Or if you want another beer

then i'll come and pick you up
gotta find a girl you like
then there's plenty in the rear
and anyone who wants to come for a ride
    and you better hope shes already drunk
and no one here to check if you're underage
and if you wanna have a drink 
and if somebodys feeling sick 
and if you think youre having fun

there's some bottles by the sink
get 'em in the garden quick
then the partys just begun
there'll be twenty thousand people inside
coz we dont want them to spoil the fun
anyone who leaves will wish that they stayed
Fm             C                   G                     C
You know that everybody wants to party on a saturday night

we're wakin everyone asleep when 
we start to party in the street
we want the neighbours to complain
                             G     G7    C
coz the musics drivin them insane

F# G  F# G  F# G  F# G  

When my parents come back home

Ill say weve been alone
but we dont know how the mess got this bad
i'll be grounded for a while

all i have to do is smile
and get a little talk from my dad

the next time theyre away 

all my buddies can stay
              F                                Fm
we'll do the best to drive the neighbourhood mad

                  C               G 
you know that everybody likes to party on a saturday
C                    G
everybody wants to party on a saturday
C                    G7                   C
everybody loves to party on a saturday night
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