Mcfly – Medley tab

Mcfly- Medley
Tabbed by : nathalie a.k.a. musicsz._
No capo
Tuning: standard

G7         C 
Do do dodo do, do
G7         C
Do do dodo do, do
G7         C   D
Do do dodo do, do

Went out with the guys
And before my eyes
There was this girl 
She looked so fine
And she blew my mind
And I wished that she was mine
G                                  D             Cadd9
And I said "Hey wait up 'cuase im off to speak to her"

And my friends said

G         Em                Cadd9   D
Everybody wants to know her na ---- me,
G                Em           Cadd9   D          
I threw a house party and she ca ---- e,
Cadd9            D             
Everyone  asked  me,      
Bm                Em 
Who the hell is  she? 
      C                 D                G
That weirdo  with  5  colours  in  her  hair.

E, E7

A                    E
Na na na na na na na naaaaaaa
A            F        B
Na na na na na na na naaaaaaa
No nooo
I guess at times like these remind me (at times like these remind me)
I guess at times like these remind me (at times like these remind me)
I guess at times like these remind me
          Am                         E
That I've got to keep my feet on the ground

Then you play this...e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|--10---12----------|D|--10---12----------|A|--8----10----------|E|-------------------|
C Cadd9 C Cadd9 Recently I've been, hopelessly reaching G F C Cadd9 C Cadd9 out for this girl, who's out of this world, believe me. F C For so many nights now, F C Dm G I find myself thinkin' about her now! C E 'Cause obviously, she's out of my league, F D I'm wastin' my time 'Cause she'll never be mine F G C E and I know I never will be good enough for her. no, no F Fm C Cadd9 E never will be good enough for her E Am G F She was all I thought about The girl I couldn't live without Fm G Em c D But then she went insane, she couldn't take the fame G Em C D C D B She said I was to blame, she had had enough, and shaved 5 colours Em D Cadd9 Cm <- just rises up off and now She's just a weirdo with no name
Solo during bridge:e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----7-8-11-8-7-8-11-8-7-5-----------------7-8-11-8-7-8-11-8-7—7\5-5-----5h7-|G|-5/7-----------------------7---------7-------------------------------7-8-----|D|-----------------------------7-5-7/9-----------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Cm ……… then sound rises upe|-------------3-----------------------|B|--8-7-5------6-----------------------|G|-------------5-----------------------|D|-------------5-----------------------|A|-------------3-----------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
G And my friends said (Such a pity etc...) Cadd9 I let her slip away G They tell me every day D That it will be OK G She rocks my world Cadd9 More than any other girl G D Cadd9 Dude it's such a pity and I'm sorry that you lost that girl D G And I'm sorry that you lost that girl.
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