Mcfly - Shine A Light chords version 6

I've noticed some of the other tabs and chords have been incorrect
allow me to correct


CHORDS: B - Abm - F# - E

Verse 1

B Abm Tell me are you feeling strong
F#Strong enough to love someone
E And make it throught the hardest storm
And bad wheather Verse 2
B Abm Will you pull me from the flames
F#Hold me til i feel no pain
Eand give me shelter from the rain
Forever (Mid 8)
B Abm E Where can i find-------- her
B She took the light and left me in the dark
AbmShe left me with a broken heart
F# ENow I'm---------- on my own
If anybidy see's her CHORUS:
B Abm Shine a light on her
F#Shine a light on her
EShine a light on her
If anybody see's her VERSE 3:
B Abm Tell me can you hear my voice
F#Loud and clear above the noise
EAnd even if I had the choice
I would not give up MID 8 PRE CHORUS CHORUS etc You can work out the rest for a change or to make it easier or if you're playing it with a friend on two guitars try transposing it by one of you playing it with a capo on 2nd fret CAPO second fret chords: A - F#m - E - D Have funs!!!!!!!!!
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