Mcfly – Ignorance tab ver. 2

This is my version of the song Ignorance by McFly. This are only the basic chords. You
should listen to the song to get the strum pattern and to know how many times to strum.
If the chord appears only once, it doesn't necessarily means that you only have to hit 
that chord once, you should listen to the song to know how to play it. I'm pretty sure its
accurate, but I might be wrong :)

Intro (Acoustic Guitar)"I'm too far gone, its all over now..."|---------------||---------------||--6--5--4------||--6--5--4--7---||--4--3--2--7---||-----------5---|
Verse"Love is won over by ignorance"|--------------------------||--------------------------||--9----9-16-14-13-11-9-9--||--------------------------||--7----7-14-12-11-9--7-7--||--------------------------|...
"Tonight is won over by ignorance..." |----------------------------| |----------------------------| |--9---11--13-16-14-13-11-9--| |----------------------------| |--7---9---11-14-12-11-9--7--|...|----------------------------|
"These pills weren't meant to hurt you, but today and ever more..."|---------||---------||---------||--7-7----||--7-7----||--5-5----|
"If fools were ment to fuck you..."|--------------||--------------||--------------||---4-6-7-9----||---4-6-7-9----||---2-4-5-7----|
Verse (Again) Has blown up your walls again again Your lies are all part of your intellect. These pills weren't meant to hurt you But today and ever more if fools were meant to fuck you. Then why do fools fall in love
Chorus (Danny)"In the story I was told..."|----------------------||----------------------||--6-8-9--11-9--6-8----||--6-8-9--11-9--6-8----||--4-6-7--9--7--4-6----||----------------------|
Verse (Again, same chords) An unfortunate consequence, And you'll burn in hell when you fall against, These pills weren't meant to hurt you But today and ever more if fools were meant to fuck you. then why do fools fall in love Chorus (Again, same chords) In the story I was told well this was never mentioned, Must have missed the chapter, when I was 17 years old, And there's nothing left but
Post Chorus"They won't let go..."|---------||---------||--9-5-8--||--9-5-8--| X4 (First 2 with palm mute, last 2, really loud.)|--7-3-6--||---------|
Break (Guitar only)|---------------------||---------------------||--9-9-5-5-8-8-4-4----||--9-9-5-5-8-8-4-4----||--7-7-3-3-6-6-2-2----||---------------------|
Intro"I'm too far gone"|---------------||---------------||--6--5--4------||--6--5--4--7---||--4--3--2--7---||-----------5---|
Outro (Same chords as verse)
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