Mcfly – If U C Kate chords ver. 3

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Verse 1

GFirst time I saw her she was standing in line,
Holding a book about compatible signs
Cadd9I should have talked to her
I should have tried
DBut I was breathless by the look in her eye
Verse 2
GShe introduced herself as Kate and I replied,
"It's nice to meet you" - it was love at first sight.
Cadd9I got excited, I lost my mind
DI lost the number that read "Let's have a good time", so
GIf you see Kate
Tell her that I'm looking for her
Cadd9Cause she's so fine
DThat girls been on my mind, ooh
Verse 3
GI saw her friend that was in line that day
And had to tell her how I felt about Kate
Cadd9She said, "Put her out your mind, or stand in line,
DI've seen her do this to men a thousand times"
GShe had a rep for spreadin all her love around
And everywhere she went Kate drew a crowd
Cadd9"Don't bother me, that's what I said
DCause I can't seem to get that girl out of my head"
Chorus x1 Girl you're a star, shinin like the sun Whisper in my ear you broaden my horizons Stay with me, let's make it the longest day Pour yourself into my mouth I love the way you taste Pull you in tight It feels so right Girl I just wanna be the one To take you to heaven tonight Come on baby
GTell her that I'm askin' about her
Cadd9Cause she's so fine
DAnd she's been on my mind
GIf you see Kate
Tell her that I'm lookin' for her
Cadd9Cause she's so fine
DThat girl's been on my mind...
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