Mcfly - She Left Me chords

Band/Singer: McFly
Song Title: She Left Me
Chords by: Neill T.


G Bm C She walked in and said she didn't wanna know
Danymore (anymore, anymore)
G Bm C Before i could ask why she was gone
D at the door (at the door, at the door)
Bm Em Bm Em I didn't know, what i did wrong
C DBut now i just can't move on
GSince she left me
BmShe told me
CDon't worry
D BmYou'll be okay, you don't need me
Em C D Believe me you'll be fine
Em D#Then i knew what she meant
D C#and it's not what she said
C D G now i can't believe that shes gone
(just repeat the chords at the 2nd verse and at the next chorus. the chords are just the same.)
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