Mcfly - Too Close For Comfort tab

Too Close For Comfort by McFly CHORDS.


A# i never meant the the things i said to make you cry
F can i say i'm sorry?
G it's hard to forget, F yes i regret, A# all these mistakes.

A# i don't know why you're leaving me.
F but i know you must have your reasons.
G there's tears in your eyes, F i watch as you cry.
A# but it's getting late.

F G A# was i invading in on your secrets?
F was i too close for comfort?
G C you're pushing me out, when i wanted in.
F G A# what was i just about to discover?
F G when i got too close for comfort in driving you home
A# guess i'll never know.

A# The way we scratched our names into the sand.
F And told me you loved me.
G F And now that i find, that you've changed your mind.
A# I'm lost for words.

A# F and everything i feel for you i wrote down on one piece of paper.
G the one in your hand, F you won't understand.
A# how much it hurts to let you go.

[repeat chorus]

A# all this time you've been telling me lies.
F hidden in bags that are under your eyes.
G and when i asked you, A# i knew i was right.
A# but if you turn your back on me now.
F when i need you the most.
G F E but you just let me down, down, down.
A# F won't you think about what you're about to do to me?
E and back down.

[repeat chorus]
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