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Guitar arrangements of Jack McGann.

Many of you may not recognize Jack McGann's name as a guitarist since he never
recorded commmercially.  You may however recognize the arrangement.  Jack was
highly regarded among his peers for his arrangements of traditional blues,
ragtime, and swing music.  He was also one of the most respected and admired
acoustic guitar teachers of the '70s and '80s.  His arrangements have been
passed on by his students, grand-students, peers, peers' students, etc.

Jack was also a social activist, and became nationally known for his fight
for equal health care coverage for persons with AIDS.

K.T. Blues                      Trad. Arrangement copyright Jack McGann
                           Transcription and data entry by Allyn Dimock

Permission obtained from the estate of Jack McGann for free distribution
of this tablature for educational purposes.  Please consider making a
contribution of your time or money for AIDS research and/or for health
care reform if you use this tablature.

The "^" symbol means brush the chord from low to high.
The "d" symbol means brush the chord quickly from low to high, then
immediately damp with right hand.
The "/---\" symbol means let the notes ring at least this long.

I can't say much for the lyrics, but there are some fun uses of the augmented
and diminished chords in this blues.  I think that Patrick Sky played (and may
have recorded) a similar version.  m12 as written is to lead back to the verse
do something else to finish the tune.

If you also don't like the traditional lyrics, listen to Paul Geremia's
"Stone Sober Blues" which uses this progression.  Dave Van Ronk and
Paul do an incredible duet version of this on Dave's album "To All My
Friends In Far Off Places".

E+ A A+ D D#o A A1 ^ d d /-e--------|-----------5----5---7-|-5----5-------------5-|/9---9-7---7-5---5-4-3|B---5--7-|-5-----5---6----6-----|-7--7-7----7----5h7---|----------------------|G---5----|-5h6-6-6---6----6-----|-7----7----5----------|/9-9-----7-----6---5-4|D---6----|-7-----7---7----------|-0----0----7--4-7-----|----------------------|A---7----|-0------------8-------|---------6------------|-0-----------------0--|E-0------|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------| | | | | | | | | | | | | |
A+ D D#o A4--\e-----------------5-5---7-|-5---------------5-5---0-|-----5-----5-----5-----5-|B-------------------6-----|-7---7-----7-----7-7-----|-7---------------7-5h7---|G-------------------6-----|-7-------7-------7-------|-5-------5-------5-------|D-------------2-----7-----|-0-----------0-------0---|-7-----7-----------------|A-----0-3---4-------------|-------0-----------------|-6-----------6-----0-----|E-------------------------|-------------------------|-------------------------| | | | | | | | | | | | |
A E77 /---\ de/9---9-7---7-5---5-4---3-|-----------------0-2---3-|-4-0-------------0-0-----|B-------------------------|-------------------------|-----3-0-----------0-----|G/9-9-----7-----6---5---4-|-------------------------|---------2-1-------1-----|D-------------------------|-------------2-----2-----|-------2-----2-----2-----|A-0-----------------------|-0---0-3---4-------------|-------------------------|E-------------------------|-------------------------|-0---------------------12| | | | | | | | | | | | | s
D (G) D (G) A10 /---\ /---\-------------------------| E+b9 ^e-------------------------|-----5-5---5-5---5-5---0-|-------------1---0---------|B-1---1-0---0-----0-------|-------4---4-4---4-4---2-|-------------------5---7---|G---2-----0---2---------2-|---------5-----5-------2-|-------------------5-------|D-------------------------|-2-----4-----3-----3-----|-2-----0-1-2-------6-------|A(0)----------------------|-0-----------------------|-----4-------------7-------|E-------3-----2-----3-----|-------------------------|-------------------0-------| | | | | | | | | | | | |
She caught the K.T, she caught the K.T, and she left me with the mule to ride She caught the K.T, she caught that K.T, and she left me with the mule to ride And if I find that no good woman, I'll take my switchblade and cut her hide. I'm goin' to have her, I'm goin' to have her, every one in this town knows (2x) And if I don't get that woman, -- take my switchblade and cut her throat.
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