Mcguinn Roger – Dixie Highway tab

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Subject: Dixie Highway     Roger McGuinn    Chords/Words

Roger McGuinn     Dixie Highway        written by McGuinn/Levy

Drivin down the Dixie Highway

Doing my best to hold the road

All night long on that Dixie Highway

Bring my Florida baby a heavy load

Windin down the Dixie Highway

Stars above the midnight blue

Coming now on the Dixie Highway

U.S.  number one  to get to you
E                     D7              A
Tampa Bay Lauderdale  ride beside the sea
 E                         D                E D# D E D# D
Got to say no sweeter baby anywhere  for me
Southern moon on the Dixie Highway

Orange blossom kisses  on my mouth

Me oh my the Dixie Highway

On my way  to heaven  headin south

 Copyright @ 1977 Patian Music/Jackelop Music Inc(BMI)
 From the "Thunderbyrd"  LP Columbia Records  1977
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