Mcguinn Roger - Somebody Loves You tab

Tabbed by: Gregor Young	

Notes: Pick all the way through. not perfect, but close enough for a one-man acoustic version

INTRO B Asus2 G7 B Asus2 G7e|-----------------------1h0-0---1h0-1h0----|-----------------------------|B|--------------------------3-3-----3---3-0-|--------------------0----0---|G|-3----3----2-----2-----------------------0|--3----3----2---2----0----0--|D|--3----3----2-----2-----------------------|---3----3----2----2---0----0-|A|2---2-----0---0---------------------------|2----2----0---0--------------|E|-----------------------3------3-----------|-------------------3----3----|
CHORDS:e|--x----x----1-----0-------x------x-----x----------------------------------|B|--x----0----0-----2-------3------3-----3----------------------------------|G|--3----2----0-----3-------0------1-----0----------------------------------|D|--3----2----0-----0-------2------0-----1----------------------------------|A|--2----0----2-----x-------3------1-----x----------------------------------|E|--x----x----3-----x-------x------x-----x----------------------------------| B Asus2 G7 Dsus2 Cadd9 Bb7b5 G#7
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ============================================================================ B Asus2 G7 B Asus2 G7 come here, B Asus2 G7 B Asus2 G7 before I go away again there's something I'd like you to hear, Dsus4 Cadd9 Bb7b5 somebody loves you and I know who it is Dsus4 Cadd9 G#7 a million dollar answer if you're up for the quiz Dsus4 Cad99 Bb7b5 Dsus2 close your eyes, spin around you're done, G it's me you're after Bb7b5 Cadd9 Bb7b5 Cadd9 Bb7b5 Cadd9 Dsus2 I am the one I am the one (stepdown: Dsus2 Cadd9 B) etc...
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