Mckee Maria – Has He Got A Friend For Me tab

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Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:02:33 +0100 (MET)
From: Lars Pettersson 2 
Subject: TAB: m/mckee_maria/

Has he got a friend for Me? (Maria McKee) from the album "Maria McKee", 1989

Music/Lyrics:  Richard Thompson, 1972

Transcribed and submitted by Lars Pettersson  Dec, 1997

Intro riff: D Am F C, or

        D       Am             F        C

Note: The only instrument on this song is the piano. However, an accoustic guitar fits really nice. My guitar intro above corresponds to (and complements) the piano intro on the CD. Has he got a friend for me? =========================== [F]Saturday night and I'm [C]all alone no [G]ring on the doorbell no [D7]ring on the phone and [Am]nobody wants to know [F]anyone [Bb]lonely like [C]me [G] [F]Your boyfriend's goodlooking he's [C]got it all there [G]looks like God made him with [D7]something to spare you [Am]look good together [F]scurrying [Bb]off down the [C]street Has [G]he got a friend Has [F]he got a friend for [C]me has [G]he got a friend has [F]he got a friend for me (Intro riff) [F]He's got the haunt of the [C]sea in his eyes [G]but he wouldn't notice me [D7]passing him by I could [Am]be in the gutter or [F]dangling [Bb]down from a [C]tree [G] [F]If he knows someone who's [C]graceful and wise [G7]doesn't mind a girl who is [D7]clumsy and shy I [Am]dont mind going with [F]someone that [Bb]I've never [C]seen [G] Has [F]he got a friend for [C]me has [G]he got a friend has [F]he got a friend for me? (Intro riff) (Intro riff)
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