Silence tab with lyrics by Mclachlan Sarah - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mclachlan Sarah – Silence tab

Artist: PJ Harvey
Song: Silence
Album: White Chalk


G         F     Em             F
All those places where I recall

    Em       Dm
the memories that gripped me

C                  Am
 and pinned me down

G        F           Em         F
 I go to these places, intending to think

Em              Dm
 to think of nothing

  C          Am
No anticipate

Dm           G                  F
 And somehow expect you'll find me there

Dm            G            F
 That by some miracle you'd be aware

Dm G F


G              F      Em           F
I'd risen this morning, determined to break

Em        Dm
 the spell of my longing

C                Am
 and not to think

  G                    F     Em               F
I freed myself from my family, I freed myself from work

Em                 F
 I freed myself, I freed myself

Em                 Am
 and remained alone

Dm         G         F
 And in my thinking, steal you away,

Dm          G               F
 though you never wanted me anyway


Dm C G F

Dm C G F
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