Mclusky – Balbos Theme tab

Excellent song by an excellent band. Balbo's Theme by McLusky from McLuskyism. It's a 
to something, not sure what.. if you're curious, check the McLuskyism sleeve notes

First of all, the song has a bit of a peculiar tuning, took me a while to figure it out 
here's what I'm almost 100% sure it is (low to high)


C#  F#  B   F   B   E

That's the bottom three strings tuned down three semitones and the third string tuned 
a tone with the top two string in standard tuning.

NB: Change to a heavier string gauge to maintain nice, sparkly clean sound and avoid 
But if you don't care that much, save your money and buy booze


Time signature 6/8

E E/G# A5 EE |---------------------------------|B |---------------------------------|F |-5--------5--------6--------5----|B |-5--------5--------5--------5----|F#|-5--------5--------3--------5----|C#|-3--------7-----------------3----|
VERSE Same progression, just strum away at those chords. Also, let the top two strings ring but on the A5 mute the 2nd string with your little finger. I'm not entirely sure about those strings ring out so try it with and without to see which sounds best CHORUS "I hope you get through.. your heart sits too close to window"
E D#5 C#5 A5 EE |----------------------------------|B |----------------------------------|F |-5----------------------6----5----|B |-5--------4--------2----5----5----|F#|-5--------4--------2----3----5----|C#|-3--------2--------0---------3----|
Obviously this is all strummed but i'll be damned if i'm tabbing out the same chords and over! BUILD UP "Your heart sits to close to the window, your heart sits too close to the window etc."
E D#5 C#5 A5 EE |-----------------------------------------|B |-----------------------------------------|F |-5--------------6----5--------------6----|B |-5----4----2----5----5----4----2----5----|F#|-5----4----2----3----5----4----2----3----|C#|-3----2----0---------3----2----0---------|
Again, this is strummed, I just haven't written it all out WALL OF NOISE!!
EE |-0----------------|B |-0----------------|F |-5----------------|B |-5----------------|F#|-5----------------|C#|-3----------------|
Yep, just a regular E chord, what a let down! Apply liberal amounts of filth, almost done with a ProCo Rat distortion pedal and almost definitely doubled. I'm pretty sure the is fuzzed up too to add some extra depth to the filth OUTRO
E E/G# A5 EE |---------------------------------|B |---------------------------------|F |-5--------5--------6--------5----|B |-5--------5--------5--------5----|F#|-5--------5--------3--------5----|C#|-3--------7-----------------3----|
Same as intro; full circle. This is a great songwriting tool, as is the extreme dynamic preceeded by some sort of build up to create tension. Viva.
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