Mclusky – Problems Posing As Solutions tab

mclusky - problems posing as solutions
tabbed by kevin ryan (


let notes ring-----> -------------->E [---------------------------------------]B [---------------------------------------]G [---12------------------9---------------]D [---12------------------9---------------]A [---10------------------7---------------]E [---0-------------------0---------------]
Verse is just feedback And i'm glad your dead
E [-----0----0--0--0-------B [-----0----0--0--0-------G [-----9b---9b-9b-9b--etc-D [-0->->->->->->->->------A [-0->->->->->->->->------E [-0->->->->->->->->------
i know the above part isn't right but its as damn close as i could get it just play the open strings then bend the E a few times anyone who has something any better please mail me
E [---0---0---0---0---]B [---12--11--10--8---] x2G [-------------------]
play each note 8 times except for final time play [-0-] 3 times then bend 8 on 4th [-8-] (hope that made some sense)
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