Mclusky - Punch Of The Month tab

mclusky - punch of the month
tabbed by kevin ryan (


E [-------------------------]B [-------------------------]G [-------------------------]D [-------------------------]A [-------------------------]E [-0--0--3--0--0--0--8p7-0-]
Chorus - (play over the lines 'Gotta know for certain...')
E [-------------------B [-------------------G [-------------------D [-7-7-7---7--------->A [-7-7-7---7--------->E [-5-5-5---5---etc--->
Middle Riff
E [-------------------------------]B [-------------------------------]G [-------------------------------]D [-9---9-9-9---9-9-8---8-7---7-5-]A [-9---9-9-9---9-9-8---8-7---7-5-]E [-7---7-7-7---7-7-6---6-5---5-3-]
-------------- p - pull off --------------
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