Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Puff The Magic Dragon tab

     Puff the Magic Dragon
by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

This is a decently easy song. Its good for those almost intermidiates
Chords used in this song:

E F Gb G Ab A Bb B bm C Db Dbm Xe|-0-|-1-|-2-|-3-|-4-|-5-|-6-|-7-|-7-|-8--|-9--|-9--|-x-|b|-0-|-1-|-2-|-3-|-4-|-5-|-6-|-7-|-7-|-8--|-9--|-9--|-x-|g|-2-|-3-|-4-|-5-|-6-|-7-|-8-|-9-|-9-|-10-|-11-|-11-|-x-|d|-2-|-3-|-4-|-5-|-6-|-7-|-8-|-9-|-9-|-10-|-11-|-11-|-x-|a|-1-|-2-|-3-|-4-|-5-|-6-|-7-|-8-|-7-|-9--|-10-|-9--|-x-|E|-0-|-1-|-2-|-3-|-4-|-5-|-6-|-7-|-7-|-8--|-9--|-9--|-x-|
(note: it is nessesary to use bar chords, because the song uses two octaves) Song order: Intro (0:00) Verse 1 (0:11) Chorus (0:31) Interlude 1 (0:50) Verse 2 (0:52) Interlude 2 (1:10) Verse 3 (1:14) Chorus (1:35) Outro (1:55) Intro:
Verse 1: ("Listen children, to a story...") "So the people from the valley...",and "Now valley cried with anger...") C x4 bm x4 A x4 G x4 F x4 C x4 E x4 G x4 Chorus: ("So go ahead and hit your neighbor...") G x4 B x4 C x4 G x4 C~ Interlude 1 G x1 X x2 G x1 X x2 C x2 X x2 G x1 Verse 2 C x4 bm x4 A x4 G x4 F x4 C x4 E x4 G x4 Interlude 2 G x1 X x2 G x1 X x2 C x2 X x2 G x1 Ab x1 X x2 Ab x1 X x2 Db x2 X x2 Ab x2 Verse 3 Db x4 Dbm x4 Bb x4 Ab x4 Gb x4 Db x4 F x4 Ab x3 Ab~ pm Outro
Symbals: / slide down \ slide up ~ vibrato pm palm mute
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