Meaghan Smith - Here Comes Your Man chords

HERE COMES YOUR MAN- Meaghan Smith cover (PIXIES)

F C Outside there's a box car waiting
Gm Bb Outside the family store
F C Out by the f ire breathing
Gm Bb Outside we wait til face turns blue
F C I know the nervous walking
Gm Bb I know the dirty beard hangs
F C Out by the box car waiting
Gm Bb Take me away to nowhere plains
Dm Bb C There is a wait so long (so long so long)
F You'll never wait so long
Chorus -- play with intro riff
Bb C F 3 times Here comes your man
Solo play similar throughout verse They shake on the boxcar moving They shake to the land that's falling down Is a wind makes-a palms start blowing A big big storm fall and break my crown Bridge CHorus
[Chords through solo: D A Em G ] solo
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