Meat Loaf – Objects In The Rear View Mirror tab

F      Gsus2      Am      Bb Dm7    Am/E       F/Bb    C     F

 Gsus2                                                   Bb
The skies were pure and the fields were green  The sun was brighter than it's ever been

  Am/E                             Bbmaj7                 C
When I grew up with my best friend Kenny    We were close as any brothers than you ever knew

Gsus2                                                   Bb
It was always summer and the future called  We were ready for adventures and we wanted them

  Am/E                             Bbmaj7                 C
all There was so much left to dream And so much time to make it real.

Am7                                                       C
But I can still recall the sting of all       The tears when he was gone

Dm                                                  C
They said he crashed and burned      I know I'll never learn why any boy should die so young

C                                                                      Dm                Bb
 We were racing, we were soldiers of fortune        We got in trouble but we sure got around

Dm                       Bb                                                   Am7
There are times I think I see him peeling out of the dark   I think he's right behind me 

he's gaining ground

 Dm                                                            Bb              C
But it was long ago and it was far away         God it seems so very far

Am7              Dm                   Bb               C      C7
And if life is just a highway    Then the soul is just a car

And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are
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