Meat Loaf – Couldnt Have Said It Better tab

      couldnt have said it better by meatloaf submitted by luke allport

                 D           G   A
 And you said nothing at all
                              D           G   A
 well i couldnt have said it better myself
                   D                     G   A
 tonight the conversation takes the fall
                        D                 G   A
 just love me like you love nobody else

        D  Dsus4  D    G         D  Dsus4   G 

D          G   D                G               D         G      
oh little lady i think theres somthing on your mind
D               G             D                 G                 D         G
ive known you long enough to know the words are not that hard to find

         D                      G
when the heart is right and the longer you go
           D                        G
and theres nothing to love in those eyes anymore
        D                         G
you know what to say but youre never sure how
        D                      G                          A
you can gimme my shot cus it doesnt really matter right now
i will guide you all the way
A                G                         
i know exactly what youre trying to say

D D  G   G                      G  G  A   A
           you have the right               To remain silent

D D  G   G                    G  G  A  A             G
           ill get the lights          you get that smile when you say....  

        its like this through the rest of the song. this is the first single 
        off of meats new album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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