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From Mon Apr 28 11:44:28 1997
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 10:44:03 -0600
From: Grant Denn 
Subject: SWIMMING GROUND by the Meat Puppets; NOT SWIMMING GROUND by the Meat Puppets

Transcribed by Grant Denn

SWIMMING GROUND by the Meat Puppets
(from the album Up on the Sun)

Here's my attempt at the Swimming Ground riff.

The twiddles ~ mean slide. NOT SWIMMING GROUND by The Meat Puppets (from the album "Out My Way") And to complement that one, here's Not Swimming Ground.
E|-----------------|------4-74----|-----------------|-------5-------|B|------~5-55-3-2--|---555----5---|------~5-55-3-2--|---5----5------|G|---2-2~6-66-4-3--|-46-----------|---2-2~6-66-4-3--|-46-64---6-----|D|-24-4----------24|-----------224|-24-4----------24|------7---7-442|A|-----------------|0-------------|0----------------|0--------------|E|-----------------|--------------|-----------------|---------------| ^ | this 6 might be a 7
The twiddles ~ mean slide.
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