Meg And Dia – Here Here And Here chords ver. 2

Meg And Dia
Here Here Here
Here Here And Here
2009 Doghosue Records
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Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Gm -   355333
Bb/D - x587xx
Eb -   x68886
Bb -   x13331
Cm -   x35543
F/A -  x032xx

Intro: Gm-Bb/D-Eb-Bb- x2

GmThe time of my life
Bb/D Eb Bba record of myself
GmAn accurate sketch
Bb/D Eb Bbof perfect health
GmA roof on my head
Bb/D Eb Bbshoes on my feet
GmPlenty of room
Bb/D Eb Bbplenty to eat
Gm Bb/DBeen very far made
Eb Bblots of friends
GmAnd I love my mother
Bb/D Eb Bbhope to see her again
BbI'm a wanderer now
F/Asorrow befalls me
GmI laugh often so I
Ebsuppose I'm gonna be fine
BbMozart he said "there's
F/Anothing to composing"
GmAnd that's all we do
Rb We just write and play and write and play and write and Chorus 1:
Bb F/A Here here and here
He pointed to his
Gm Eb-Bb/D-Cm-Bb/Dheart and mind and ears
Bb F/AHe said "here here and here"
GmHe pointed to his heart
Eband mind and ears
Post chorus: Bb--Eb-- x2 oh oh oh oh oh oh Interlude: Bb--Gm--Eb--F--Bb--Cm-Gm-Eb--F-- (Repeat Chorus 1) Chorus 2:
BbMozart he said "there's nothing
F/Ato composing" (Here, here and here)
Gm EbYeah, yeah, yeah
(He pointed to his heart and mind and ears) (Repeat x4) Outro: Bb-F/A-Gm-Eb-Bb---Bb(hold)
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