Megafaun – Second Friend chords

Left handed
DYou should know by now
Em7baby the past is in the sand
Aburied with all the fights and sleepless nights
Gm DI know you understand
Just because we're here doesn't mean there wont be change it may slow our climb from time to time and leave us in the rain
G DI'll keep the rain off your head
G Dyou feel the warmth in my hand
G Em7the storm is past and left our glass
A Dflowin' over the edge
any moment now our river will be changing course we may not have time to drift and glide just like those days before could this day sit still free of time and growing pains I would watch your hair dance in the air and beg to hear you sing for what we have is real and time is going to heal this rain wont last just like the past buried in the sand
F# G Aand I hope you know I hope you know
G DI'll never ever let you go alone
F# Gor be the one to let you run
Afrom distraction
A G Dor drop your ambition until you've reached the sun
you should know by now baby the past is in the sand buried with all the fights and sleepless nights I know you understand
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