Megan And Liz - Maybe Possibly chords

Em CWe broke up, and now I'm just waiting for you
GTo wake up, and realize that this is all you
DAnd what you're putting me through
Em C GBelieve me when I say, you're gunna regret it,
D (one strum down) You'll see (CHORUS) G D Em
CThat Maybe, Possibly I was the best I don't compare to the rest
G D Em
C G DAnd maybe, possibly you make me aware of everything I say and do
Em C (one strum down) And maybe, possibly I still want you (VERSE 2)
Em CWe broke up and now I'm just waiting for me
GTo see, the real reality
DThat what we had is only what we used to be
Em DI should've know better, I could've done better...
G CI should've known better, I could've done better..
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