Megan And Liz – Need Your Poison chords ver. 2

Hey Guys! Feel free to criticize me - this is my first tab. This sounds good to 
me, leave me some feedback! thanks!(:


Bm: x2443x
G: 32xxx3
D: xxx232
A: xx222x
Em: x22xxx

Bm G D A    x2

Verse 1:
Bm G D A Bm G D AHow can you be what's killing me, when you are what keeps me alive
Bm G D A Bm G D AOh how can I know what's killing you when I never know what you keep inside
EmYou're my kryptonite
GYou're my wrong that's right
DYou're the poison I need
AThat takes every breath inside me
Em AAnd I can't get away
DYou're every thought in my head
AAnd every word that you say
Em APlease don't let me go
I need your poison
D ANeed your poison now
Em GAnd I need your poison now
Verse 2 (Same as Verse 1): Why do we start a fight just so we can feel Just enough, good enough I just need something to surround me, to drown me Be my kryptonite Be my wrong that's right Chorus Bridge:
EmCall this crazy
G Call this madness
D ACall this you and me
Chorus ----------------------------------------------------------------
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