Meiko – Reasons To Love You tab

Artist: Meiko
Album: Meiko
Year: 2007
Title: Reasons To Love You

Capo on 2nd fret

Verse, chorus

C Am Em G|---------------------------------||-------1-------1-------0------0--||-------0-0-----2-0-----0------0--||-----2-------2-------------------||-0-3-------0---------2-------2---||-------------------0-----0-3-----|
C Em|----------------------------------||-------1-------1--0---0-------0---||-------0-------0--0---0-------0---||-----2-------2--------------2-----||-0-3-----3-----------2--2---------||-------------------0--------------|
Give me a reason to fall in love Take my hand and let's dance Give me a reason to make me smile Cause I think I forgot how I wanna fall asleep with you tonight I wanna know that I am safe when you hold me tight I wanna feel like I wanna feel forever Girls need attention, and boys need us So let's make everybody glad That they have each other in each others arms Oh let's make everybody glad I want you. I wanna dream away with you tonight We can go anywhere you would like I wanna feel how I wanna feel forever I want you For any comments or suggestions mail to
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