Mekons – Fletcher Christian tab

            D                     G
Sometimes I feel like Fletcher Christian

           D           A
Staring out across the sea

          D            G
Torn apart by duty's shackles

            D      A        D
The twisted tongues of loyalty

Well I sucked hard on every pleasure

        D             A
Till my head began to spin

               D                  G
He'll choose between the whip and feather

           D     A           D
And that is where his crimes begin

            G                  D
Sometimes I feel like Fletcher Christian

       A                    D
In paradise with the tables turned

Yes, and I can feel the tattooist's needle

          D   A           D
I feel my neck and ankles burn

Those South Sea isles are cold and barren

               D                  A
But this civil war's been good to me

              D                  G
Well, we took drugs and tore our uniforms

             D      A          D
And gave our captain up to the sea

            G                  D
Sometimes I feel like Fletcher Christian

         A                 D
Twisting off the serpent's head

For the mutiny, I'll shoot the big one

        D      A         D
Hot and hungry, far from home

Through the sun and sea, my skin is peeling

             D                 A
But it don't make the pictures fade

                 D                     G
Those shapes and symbols, I know their meaning

              D     A             D
The shameless riches from another world

If I return, they're sure to hang me

     D                   A
So I guess, I'll have to stay

                D                   G
And if I should croak out in the darkness

            D   A            D
No one will know I've gone away.
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