Mekons – Big Zombie tab

G D A De-0-1-2-3-33-333-2-1-0----------------------------------------------------/B---------------------------3-33-333-2-1-0---------------------3-33-333---/G----------------------------------------------2-22-222-1-0---------------/D------------------------------------------------------------4------------/A-------------------------------------------------------------------------/E-------------------------------------------------------------------------/
D I drove east but I didn't go home A D I just drove out past the false front neon signs D Great double trucks rumbling on the coast road A D I'm just not human tonight G Well they're just restless G They're just like you D A They want to take the car out and drive somewhere D Pardon, merci G Je suis le gran zombie A D I'm just not human tonight Bridge: F C G People falling down on their knees F C G A Watch the night crash down upon their ears.
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