Melanie C – Beautiful Intentions tab


I couldn't help but open my big mouth 

As I stumbled into you the words fell out 

Well you asked me the question and I just couldn't lie 

But why did you bother when you knew what you'd find 

No no no I didn't mean to leave you standing in the dark 

 D9            C                    Bb
*So blind That I, can't decide If you, knew that I
 Harbored beautiful intentions for you
 D9            C                 Bb
 So cruel That I, never knew Truly, If you
          G                           D9
 Harbored beautiful intentions for me

When they give you your identity 

Tell me will you recognize yourself 

You're so influenced by the things that you hear 

Down with the smoke screen to make everything clear 

Oh oh oh You gotta learn to live and take it in your stride 


So blind (4x)

**Jaded with exhausting pressure
  Will I feel like this forever
  Faded inconsistent pleasure, Wear me down wear me out


D9 C Bb G

So blind, Can't decide, Knew that I
So cruel, Never knew, If you

I wanna know did I disappoint you?
It still hurts to mention the words that were spoken now
I wanna know, are you contemplating?
The beautifully intended yet tainted impression of me

So blind, Can't decide, Knew that I
So cruel, Never knew, If you

So blind and I can't decide
If you knew I had beautiful intentions for you
And it's so cruel
And I never knew if you had beautiful intentions for me
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