Melanie Safka – I Really Loved Harold tab

It's a little tricky...but it sounds really good! Good Luck!!!

	Am	      G			F
E I-----------------I---3-------------I---------------I-
B I--0--------------I-----------------I---------------I-
G I---------0-2-0-2-I-----------0-----I---3-----------I-
D I----2--2---------I-----0---0---0---I-----2---2--2--I-
A I------1----------I------3----------I-------1---1---I-
E I-----------------I-----------------I---------------I-

	C    F	       G	     Dm
E I---------I--------I-3-3-3-3-3-3-I------------------
B I----3-3--I--------I---2-2---2-2-I------------------
G I----2-2--I-3-3-3--I-------------I-0----0-----------
D I---------I---2-2--I-------------I---3-3--3-3-------
A I-1--1-1--I---1-1--I---1-1---1-1-I---2-2--2-2-------E I---------I---1-1--I---1-1---1-1-I---1-1--1-1-------
Verse 1: Am G They told me when I was little F Am I'd go to heaven, if I was good Am G Now I'm a long way from little F Am 'Cause I tried to find heaven, 'Cause I thought that I could G I thought that I could Chorus: C F G And I thought I loved Harold and really loved John, Dm C I really loved Alphy and I almost loved Tom. C F G I loved them so easy and I loved them so free, F(same as verse) Am(same as verse) So I don't think heaven will wanna love me. Verse 2: Am G Hallo, song of the willow, F Am Am The dreams under my pillow turned to tears that I cried. Am G Beauty and love are our riddle, F Am Never to answer but always to try G And boy, did I try. Chorus: C F G I tried with Harold and I tried with John, Dm C I tried with Alphy and almost with Tom. C F G I left myself open for the whole world to see, F(same as verse) Am Am(same as verse) Now the world is heaven that won't accept me. C F G I said goodbye to Harold and goodbye to John, Dm C Goodbye to Alphy and goodbye to Tom. C F G I loved them so easy and I loved the so free, F (same as verse) Am (same as verse) So I don't think heaven will wanna love me. End (Same as verses): Am G F Oh say, can you see, by the dawn's early light Am No light will shine me?
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